How to Lubricate Your Bishop WAND Tattoo Machine (Step-by-Step Guide)

by Franco Vescovi February 24, 2020

The Bishop WAND requires no maintenance except an optional lubrication every 4 to 6 weeks (if it becomes a little noisy).

We'll teach you how to lubricate your WAND in 5 quick & easy steps. This guide will work for all 3 WANDs  - the SHADER, PACKER, and LINER.

If you prefer the video version, play it right below. Otherwise, keep on reading!


You only want to lubricate your WAND if it becomes a little bit noisy. Otherwise, it runs perfectly fine on a direct-drive system.

What Do You Need?

How often should you lube?

About every 150 hours of use.

A good rule of thumb is that if you tattoo regularly with this machine, you'll need to lube it once every 4–6 weeks.

In this guide, you will learn how to do this properly, so you don't void your 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Step 1

Grab your grease pack and cut the tip into a triangle shape. This pyramid-like shape allows for more accuracy.

WAND Lubcrication Step 1 Gif

Step 2

Remove the grip.

WAND Lubcrication Step 2 Gif

Step 3

Grab a q-tip.

At its wooden end, squeeze out about a tear drop size of grease.

WAND Lubcrication Step 3 Gif

Step 4

IMPORTANT: Make sure the machine is running at this point.

With the machine on, you will precisely place that drop of lube directly onto the drive bar.

WAND Lubcrication Step 4 Gif

The machine running allows the lube to circulate.

You should have a nice and quiet WAND now.

Feel free to put the grip back on now. 😁

One more thing!

After the third or fourth time of lubricating your WAND, what you want to do (just to make sure the lube doesn't get anywhere near the motor) is to clean the inside of the chamber.

First, unscrew the grip (again)...

WAND Cleaning Lube - Unscrewing Grip

Then unscrew the back plate...

WAND Cleaning Lube - Unscrewing Back Plate

Now look inside...

WAND Cleaning Lube - Looking Inside Chamber

Gently remove any built-up excess grease inside with a q-tip.

After you're done, just screw everything back in!

Enjoy your little beautiful quiet WAND! 😁

Franco Vescovi
Franco Vescovi

Founder & CEO of Bishop Tattoo Supply. A tattoo artist & machine builder for 25+ years

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