Cyber Monday & Black Friday 2018 Cheat Sheet

by David Hissami November 21, 2018

IMPORTANT: Last day for the deals! They will end on November 28 at 12am PST

Happy Thanksgiving, Bishop Family!

It's that time of the year! Our biggest deals are here. 😊

This cheat sheet will be your guide to our 2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals…

And we promise to keep updating it as items are sold out.

So bookmark this page…

Share it with your fellow artists…

But most importantly, read every word…

Because you don't want to miss out on any savings. And maybe — just maybethere'll be a surprise in here.

Let's begin!

TIP 1: Grab an F2 Machine

Many of you have been asking about our Factory Second or F2 machines and waiting patiently for them. Indeed, offering them on Black Friday & Cyber Monday is a Bishop tradition.

(A Factory Second machine is a BRAND NEW one that's cosmetically flawed in a way that's hard to see. It's still functionally perfect — and comes with the same warranty.)

You've got 4 choices here…

BONUS TIP: the F2 Microangelo, F2 Black MAGI, and F2 Gold MAGI are in super short supply and will sell out quickly. So if you want one of these, buy as soon as possible.

Many of you are likely wondering, "What about the Fantom?!"

Don't worry, this question will be answered soon. For now, keep reading…

TIP 2: Join Our All-New Subscription Service

A lot of artists have been asking us — pleading with us — to launch a monthly subscription program for our DA VINCI cartridge needles and disposable tubes.

They don't like running out of supplies and coming back to order again and again and again

The more we thought about it — and the more people kept asking for it — the more we realized how right they were. 😂

It would be more convenient to have cartridge needles and disposable tubes automatically delivered every month. It would be nice to never run out of these crucial supplies — and never even think about it.

At Bishop, we're all about helping artists elevate their tattoo game. We want you to spend more time creating masterpieces, and less time dealing with the hassles of ordering and waiting and running out…

As tattoo artists ourselves, we're always listening to the community.

We got your back.

And that's why we're excited to announce that - in January - we're going to launch a new monthly subscription service for our DA VINCI cartridge needles and disposable tubes.

But you know what? It's Thanksgiving. We're thankful for our Bishop Family...

So during our Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion, we'll open the doors early for the first 300 subscribers.

And not only will you get the benefits of convenience, but we're also throwing in permanent 10% savings for you. 👍

Imagine having a never-ending supply of cartridge needles and disposable tubes, conveniently delivered to you every month — AND permanently saving 10%! And with the option to reschedule a shipment or even cancel the subscription anytime.

Well, no need to imagine. It's a reality now.

Oh, and one other surprise...

We'll choose 5 out of the first 300 subscribers and give them the latest WAND prototype for FREE.

Just click the DA VINCI cartridge needles and disposable tubes photos below. Find the ones you regularly use and make sure the "SUBSCRIBE & SAVE" option is selected.

Notice the photos say "EXTRA 15% Off 1st Month". You'll need a coupon code for that…

So don't order just yet! Keep on reading to keep on saving…

TIP 3: Spend $500 to get FREE shipping

It doesn't matter what country you're shipping to. Spend $500 and you'll automatically get free shipping.

Spend money on supplies, not shipping! 😆

TIP 4: Use Our Discount Code

Copy and paste this discount code…


(Or remember it. Hint: "BFCM" stands for "Black Friday Cyber Monday")

That discount code gives you 15% off Inkeeze, Nocturnal Ink, DipCap, and DA VINCI needles, and all Bishop products except machines.

Well, that's not entirely true.

It will give you 15% off one machine…

The one machine that — like a ghost — has been hiding so far…

You guessed it.

The Fantom.

So if you've been eyeing the Fantom, now is the perfect time to put one in your hands. (Even though you probably won't feel it, since it weighs just 1.7 ounces.)

And if you're signing up for our monthly subscription plans for DA VINCI cartridge needles and disposable tubes, you will get — are you ready for this? — 15% off ON TOP of your regular 10% off for the first month!

So please don't forget to use the BFCM2018 coupon code.

We hope you enjoyed this cheat sheet, Bishop Family! We hope it leads to BIG savings for you.

Most importantly, we hope you enjoy your new tools and supplies and we look forward to seeing the masterpieces you create with them! ❤️

With Love,
Your Bishop Family

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David Hissami

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