Posted by Nichole East

WIN THE DEAL OF A LIFETIME!! When we prepared all 1,000 Limited Edition Magi Box Sets we did something a little crazy and added a special GOLDEN TICKET to one of the box sets!

TO ENTER, PURCHASE A GOLD MAGI FROM BISHOP ROTARY FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN. This hand drawn Golden Ticket is waiting to be found. If you are the ONE lucky winner who finds this ticket inside their box set you will win:

- A Round Trip Flight from anywhere in the World to beautiful Southern California with a 2-night hotel stay

- A Free 6-hour collaboration tattoo done by Nikko Hurtado and Franco Vescovi at Vatican Studios

- A special dinner with Nikko and Franco where you can pick the brains of the masters for tips, techniques, and advice on tattooing and business.

- A tour of the Bishop Rotary Warehouse where we make all of our machines

- Enough swag that you’ll have to bring an extra bag of luggage

There is one lucky person out there who will receive this Golden Ticket in their Limited Edition Box Set - will it be you?