Introducing Zack "Southpaw" Hunter

Introducing Zack "Southpaw" Hunter


Bishop Rotary is more than just a company - we're a movement whose foundation is firmly rooted in the spirit of perseverance through adversity and triumph after tragedy. It is through these personal experiences in our lives that can either mold & shape our beings and shift us onto the path of our true potential, or cause us to fall victim to the wayside in a lonely and meaningless existence.

While attending this year’s Villain Arts Tattoo Expo in Philadelphia, an unexpected encounter was a reminder of why we are all here...   

Before the party started Saturday, an artist had stopped by our booth to see if we could do a quick tune-up on his machine before the first tattoo of the day. Our brother and Technician Specialist Israel Dominguez was present and let the artist know we could dial them in, and to head back to their booth & finish setting up while we would deliver the machine after a full run-through.

Once the artist's Black Edition Nikko Hurtado Magi was tuned up and ready-to-rock, we made our way over to the artist’s booth. Cutting through the aisles and locating their station, we glanced over and did the proverbial “double-take”, and were for lack of better terms, left dead in our tracks.

“Now I KNOW there’s a something goin' on here brother…Might I ask?” we questioned.

“Only if you have the time," he responded.

And thus, a beautiful relationship began…

Meet Zack Hunter, a.k.a. @southpawtattoos , a.k.a. the dude who’s not only survived, but is thriving through DAMN NEAR EVERY artist’s worst nightmare! Originally from North Carolina, Zack has made the journey out to California and now resides at our brother and fellow Bishop Brigade Family member Allan Rivera’s Renaissance Studios, located in San Clemente California.  We welcome you Zack to the Bishop Brigade Family and Thank You brother for reminding us that everyday is an opportunity to find the beauty amongst the chaos.

Tattooing is a sacred art form that for generations was a mark of distinction that visually depicted the stories of one’s ancestors and/or personal journeys. For many of us, tattooing has saved our lives. Whether it was providing for our families with a roof over head or food on the table, tattooing has been the provider and a vehicle for change, and in many ways broke the chains of a cyclical existence that so many of us were unjustly pre-conditioned with. But as we take back that power and realize just how much tattooing has done for us as a community, we are left with a question posed to each individual…

What have you done for tattooing? What will you do?