Dean OZ

Dean OZ

Dean is a 28 year old world traveling tattoo artist who has been on his tattoo journey for 11 years, and the journey started with nothing but the passion for tattoo. He learned everything about tattoo from himself, with lots of practice and perseverance, Dean started to rise and shine in Taiwan.

One of the reasons why Dean is so obsessed with realism is that even though realism is very popular in western culture, it is developed slowly in Taiwan. Doing something difficult and challenging is the thing Dean loves and pursuits.

Giving a piece of soul in every tattoo work, no matter is color or grey, Dean always doing his best whenever he gets chance. Combining the sensitive sense of art and amazing, interesting tattoo structure, he boldly experiences every technic and style.

The passion for tattoo is in his blood, in his DNA, and in his hands. Dean is ready to show and devote his greater ambition and diligent to the world.