Posted on by Franco Vescovi

Dmitriy was born in the City of Orsk, Russia in the Southern Urals Mountains, where East and West meet. Since early age Dmitriy loved drawing – animals, portraits, copying images from glossy magazines. He was admitted to Ekaterinburg School of Art at much earlier age than his fellow students, and graduated with the highest honors. 

In September 2014, he began his apprenticeship with the renown Tattoo Master Vitaly Tref. In only 9 months Dmitriy receives his First Prize in “Best of Day” category at the Moscow Tattoo Week Convention 2015. Within a few months he won two more top prizes at the Tattoo Conventions that followed.

Dmitriy works in style of Color Realism and likes the designs with multiple intricate details. He draws his inspiration from photography and works of other great tattoo artists. Dmitri likes to work on “big tattoos, cool projects, work hard and achieve great results”.