Tatu Derm Half Roll

Tatu Derm Half Roll 6x42

Regular price $ 20.00

Tatu-derm single short roll for individual use. Each roll is sterile and can be used on a new tattoo and sent home with the client for subsequent applications. Same six inch width and 42 inches long, this roll has been developed for retail in the tattoo shop and for individuals to purchase for a lower cost. Same high quality for a lower cost. The short roll retail price is $0.079 per square inch for reference with our other products.

Why use TatuDerm? TATU-DERM provides a sterile, BACTERIAL-FREE BARRIER eliminating contamination in and out of the tattoo. TATU-DERM is waterproof, so the tattoo will not get wet while swimming or showering. TATU-DERM represents the next generation