The Bandit DC Power Supply

  1. The BanditTM DC Power Supply is designed specifically for Tattooing and is optimized to smoothly run both standard two-coil and rotary tattoo machines utilizing direct currents. It combines on demand power and reliability which provides the Tattooer with consistent currents throughout the tattoo cycle resulting in ultra pure DC (direct current) power. Extreme filtering through over 4,000Uf of capacitance minimizes machine resonance, vibration, chatter spots and increases needle push-pull torque. Comparable to the clean DC voltages from a car battery, The BanditTM allows each artist to work at a quicker more efficient rate. The result is a faster tattoo process along with minimal damage to your customers skin.

    " How is The BanditTM DC Power Supply different than a Standard Unit or AC Power Supply?"

    Other Power Supply’s run on AC currents or alternate currents. If measured in microfarads these Units produce about 1,500Uf which is around 3 times less efficient than The BanditTM. Implementing state of the art engineering we transformed the AC power coming from the adapter in to direct currents inside the enclosure. Minimal power is needed when the needle is on its way up so just about any power supply will work. However on its way down the needle needs at least 20 times more power to drive it plus the additional load of penetrating the skin, the demand is even higher. This means there is no collapse on the way up because the up and down stroke of the needle run at the same speeds. EagleviewTM uses quality craftsmanship to bring you the only all digital and true DC Power Supply of its kind.