Stinger Storage – Cartridge Needle Dispenser
Stinger Storage – Cartridge Needle Dispenser

Stinger Storage – Cartridge Needle Dispenser

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How do you store your cartridge needles? In a drawer or plastic container, where they lay crisscross on top of each other; puncturing holes into the sterile packaging and rendering the cartridges unusable? Or in the boxes they came in, with the configuration at the bottom of the box; making searching for the right cartridge a time-consuming and annoying daily task?

The Stinger Storage enables you to stack your cartridge needles in a tidy way, putting an end to storage damage. Because of the first-in-first-out principle, the oldest cartridges always get used first. Plus, thanks to the transparent window just under the section label, you can always see when it’s time to reload and reorder new cartridge needles.

The list of advantages goes on…Oh, the possibilities!

How many different configurations do you use; 5, 10, 15?

Each Stinger Storage has five cartridge storage modules, giving you five configurations. But the Stinger Storage is also interconnectable. On the back of each dispenser are four double-plated hexagons. Simply unscrew a hexagon, move it up, and connect it to another Stinger Storage. Connect as many Stinger Storages as you need for as many dispenser configurations as you like.

Included is a sheet of labels with various configurations you can cut out and place behind the clear PC window provided. This water-resistant label sheet is made out of synthetic paper (based on polypropylene). Is the cartridge size you use not included on the sheet? Simply write the information on one of the sheet’s blank labels, cut to size, and place behind the self-designated window.


Install your Stinger Storage by hanging it near your work station

How it works

Just pull a packaged needle cartridge out of the opening at the bottom of the honeycomb dispenser as you need it. Easy, right? 

Cleaning your Stinger Storage is a cinch!

You can clean and disinfect the acrylic housing (lid and backplate) with soap and ethylalcohol. Each individual cartridge storage module is made out of durable, high-quality ABS. They are dishwasher safe! Disconnect them from the acrylic housing before putting them in the dishwasher.


The Stinger Storage comes in matte white or matte black.