Wipe Outz™ by the Case - White Dry

WIPE OUTZ™ Dry Advanced Tattoo Towels! 

STERILIZED, soft & durable, highly absorbent, premium dry, black, 10 Count tattoo towels.

  • Cleaner and Softer than traditional paper towels withno residue that will never leave you with a “needle clog!”

  • WIPE OUTZ™ features a textured, quilted design with special interwoven biodegradable fibers, giving you the best absorption of ink—leading into a deep cleansing of the skin.

    WIPE OUTZ™ DRY Towels are alcohol, fragrance, and latex free.

    Created by artists for artists and their clients!

    Tested and approved by the industry’s most respected artists!

    Vegan! NO animal testing!

    WIPE OUTZ™ premium cases are the perfect amount to keep on hand and complete a tattoo without using a single unsanitary paper towel!