Barber DTS - Bishop European Distributor

We here at Bishop Tattoo Supply are proud to present our main European distributor, Barber DTS. Operating primarily out of Sheffield, UK, Barber DTS is the leading supplier of tattoo equipment in the UK and Europe. Thanks to their excellent logistics and expertise, they manage to deliver 10,000+ high quality products to tattoo artists and piercers within a few days (even within one day in certain regions).

As passionate tattoo experts, the folks at Barber DTS are able to give their customers detailed advice on Bishop products over the phone, as well as at tattoo conventions and in their stores.

We would like to thank Barber DTS for their trust in our brand and the great work we've been able to do together. If you are in the UK or Europe and looking for the best tattoo distributor for you, you should definitely check out Barber DTS. You will find all our products there and we are sure that Barber DTS will convince you as to why they are one of the best tattoo equipment suppliers in the UK and Europe.

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