Shipping Information

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Not including tattoo machines, all orders ship within 2-3 business days of purchase. We proudly assemble all tattoo machines by hand in the USA, so they ship within 10-14 business days. You will receive an email when your order ships.

Customers are responsible for all customs-related duties and fees that may be charged upon entry to the recipient's country. These fees are based on laws that vary country to country. Unfortunately, we cannot pay for these fees because there is no set amount, they are controlled by the local government, and are the responsbility of the importer.

Warranty Information

Read about the warranties for our tattoo machines

Yes, they do! Our Bishop tattoo machines are made in the USA and include a one-year warranty on all parts. If your machine breaks within one year of purchase, please send it along with your proof of purchase to 22622 Lambert St #306, Lake Forest, CA, USA 92630 and we will either fix it or send you a new machine.

Your Bishop 1-year Warranty is voided if you: overlube your machine, drop your machine, tamper with the motor, or replace parts with your own

If your 1-year tattoo machine warranty has expired, don't worry! Unlike other companies that gouge you on repair and replacement costs, our prices are fair because our business is artist-owned. We respect & understand tattoo artists, and sell all replacement parts just a few bucks over cost.


Learn more about our flagship product— The Bishop WAND

For most artists who want an all-in-one WAND, we recommend the Packer

We're definitely not trying to make you buy 3 different WANDs. The Shader and Packer are both all-in-one machines, so you just need 1 of them.

There are 3 different WANDS because of the precise pairing of 2 custom motors with the right stroke. Instead of 1 Swiss Army Knife, we crafted 3 perfect samurai swords for your tattooing adventures.

Packer (copper) — 4.2mm
Shader (gray) — 3.5mm
Packer (black) — 5.0mm

You can adjust the throw. Although our machines don't include give adjustments, if you lower the voltage, it naturally lowers the give.

Yes! The needle depth can be adjusted up to 6mm.

The Shader

The Packer at a low voltage is a great machine for these styles.

3RL Shading: 5-6v (very peppery, preferred by artists)

Whip Shading: Around 6v

The WAND is powered by a 5 watt motor.

No maintenance is required other than applying a teardrop-sized amount of silicon grease every 6-8 weeks.

The connection we use is straight. However, we do sell L-shaped RCA connectors online.