Angelo Nicolella

Angelo Nicolella

  • Franco Vescovi

My name is Angelo Nicolella, I was born in Naples in 1982. I started tattooing in 2011, starting with very simple tattoos to gain experience and improve. Looking at many video tutorials being a self-taught tattoo artist, one day I saw a tattoo of Hurtado and I was shocked to see this type of art on skin that seemed impossible for me to believe. Two years ago I decided to take the art of realism and study all its passages, I saw that from the early realistic I did I already felt safer in a realistic play that a Japanese. Doing a lot of experience, always in a realistic play, I noticed that was the style he did for me, I’ve always been passionate about art, particularly the art of Salvador Dali, his mind crazy but brilliant, which until now, its melting watches meet modern art. My passions and hobbies are basketball, electric guitar, metal and classical music, and everything to do with technology. My favorite artists in the world of tattoos are Dmitriy Samohin, Nikko Hurtado, Randy Engelhard, Bob Tyrrell, Carlos Torres. I take much inspiration from them, but I’m always amazed when I see their work. Now after almost four years since I started, I made many conventions around the europe winning some prize being a hit. I love realism, it is the style I prefer, but also the Cartoon is a style that I like and I really enjoy it. Turning to Europe, for many studies, various guest, are used to provide even more practical for this culture. Now I am in Milan, I opened my office ten months ago and for me it is a great satisfaction, and is also almost a kind of milestone, one of many I aspire to in my life and career.

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