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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gómez was born in the valley of San Cristobal in 1989. Son of a topographer and a housewife, both parents Venezuelans, he spent his days between caricatures and drawing characters for fun.

His love for the art transformed with the support of his mother when she motivated him to take classes at the center of plastic arts “Valentín Hernández Useche”; taking classes for several years, he then decided to abandon drawing for music in his adolescence.

Years later, he stops at a tattoo studio of an old friend, Gilbert Gutiérrez, to whom he talks about his interest for the art of tattooing, Gilbert had been a tattoo artist for a while, offering Joshua a learning experience. The only experience Joshua had had with tattoos were the inez of gangs, prison tattoos and some that he had seen on his friends, such as that he didn’t even have a single tattoo himself. Either way, he grabbed a machine and started tattooing soon after…

“I grew between arts and tattoos saved my life” says Joshua Gómez.

At the age of 20, he participates in his first exposition, where he doesn’t land in the finalists and this encourages him to improve. He travels to Bogotá – Colombia where he shares with and learns from great artists and comes back to his hometown with new and fresh knowledge. After only a year, Joshua did a tattoo that would change his career forever – a color portrait of Dark Maul from the successful movie franchise Star Wars. This was his first colored portrait with which he lands to participate in the Portrait Contest in the Expo Tattoo Táchira of 2010 and takes home the award for “Event’s Best”. This would be one of the many awards he would collect in the following years, but it was that portrait that put him on the map. Thanks to this, he is now known and recognized as a Realism Artist.

In the midst of his rising career, he has started in his own tattoo studio Ötzis C.a. “I have realized that many of my customers travel from different places to get a tattoo” he says “I want my clients to feel special and know that I appreciate them, I just want to give them the best of me as a person and as an artist”.

Today, Joshua is very grateful for the love and support from his clients, friends and family. Even to this day he continues to learn from every single detail and from great artist who are now his friends. He spends his life dedicated to tattoos traveling through the world and sharing with his closest ones.

Instagram: @joshuagomez


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