Posted on by Franco Vescovi

Former martial arts instructor/ Nidan (Second rank of Black Belt) in Kobayashi Shorin- Ryu, Multi media Sculptor, Arts educator, 33 year Professional Tattoo Artist, Co-founder/ Former Vice President of, Alliance of Professional Tattooist, Published non-fiction, Journalist, Poet, Author Poetry collection THE BLACK MARKS HE MADE by Proteus Press Albany NY, Publisher Tattoo Advocate Journal, Former owner of Shotsie’s Tattoo? Studio’s in Wayne and West Milford NJ.

Shotsie Exhibits a myriad of art forms, Functional Pottery, Abstract ceramic art, painted furniture, Hand tufted carpets, Decorative boxes, Painted ceramic tiles, Oil on canvas figurative and landscapes, Impasto Acrylic abstractions multi media art works in museums and galleries around the world. He has appeared on virtually every National talk show and a number of news programs as a tattoo ambassador. He is credited as being one of the fathers of the photo-real portraiture movement in tattoo community. Stunning them with a heroic scaled full back portrait of Charles Lindberg

He is currently living in Sonoma CA and he is on a lecture tour discussing the art and history of Tattooing, at Universities and Art Institutions around the US and Europe focusing on the creative drive and the interrelationship between culture and ritual.

Gorman lectures on the creative process and presents thrilling poetry workshops for teens on the edge via interventive justice programs and local mentoring.

Shotsie is currently presenting “ A CONVERSATION WITH SHOTSIE GORMAN” A dialogues on unblocking the self critic at creative events around the West Coast of the US.