Alexey Moroz

From my early childhood, I was drawn to something extraordinary in life, something that seemed to me not real, something that could distinguish me from the crowd. My path to this ancient craft began the moment, when I realized that all I was doing, what I studied, with whom I grew up, and with whom I worked, it is not me. I decided to change everything, and I went to get my first tattoo. I remember my delight when I saw the tattoo on my body. I felt something unusual, something lifted me up above the heavens. Actually, the tattoo was not of a good quality, but this did not prevent me from realizing that this was my soul, and this is what I wanted to do in the future. I quit my job as a cook, I bought the tattoo equipment and plunged into the art head first. It was from that very day, when I touched the skin with a needle for the first time, I felt something big, Zen in my heart, I found myself.