Chino Chu

Chino Chu

Chino has been tattooing for 20+ years - in 2006, he founded the 13ink Social Club. In 2019, he has renamed his shop to Inkognito Tattoo and Dry Goods.

He specializes in black and grey tattoo, and is deeply influenced by Chicano art, lowrider culture, classical art and sculpture. He has been one of the very first artists to do Chicano style art and tattooing in the Chinese community in Asia.

Chino also works with a few very talented artists, like the award winning ornamental artist “Moaji”, talented black & grey and lettering artist “Lin” and others.

Inkognito Tattoo and Dry Goods is more than just a tattoo shop - they also provide quality arts, graphic/logo design and merch of their own design. They’re always willing to promote and share knowledge with anyone looking for a good tattoo and who is interested in street culture.