David Yang

David is the founder of HZ Tattoo Studio in China.
After graduating from high school, he was admitted to the China Academy of Art, but still chose to go abroad to complete his studies. He studied at INTI College University Malaysia and graduated from the University of Hertfordshire, England. He worked at Microsoft Corporation for 3 years.
However, due to his love of painting and passion for tattoos, he decided to enter the tattoo industry in 2016.
David excels at black-and-white realism and new school.He has participated in domestic and international tattoo exhibitions many times in the past three years. He enjoys exchanging tattoo culture with domestic and foreign artists. He often travels to Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan etc. for tattoo work.
He has set up a tattoo team named the "IMC" (International Master Class) with three of his fellow artists, dedicated to advocacy and teaching about the West Coast tattoo culture.


Name: David Yang


Insta: hztattoo_niu