Denis Torikashvili

Denis Torikashvili
My name is Denis Torikashvili (aka Tdan).
I’m from Rostov-on-Don, south of Russia. I started tattooing there in 1997. At that time, there was practically no information about tattooing - they were very difficult conditions to work under.  Those years were challenging - it went on this way for about 14 years until I realized I reached the limit of my progress there. I wasn't satisfied with this.
I decided to move to Moscow and start all over again. I began to experiment, creating collages and and trying to realize my unique ideas on the skin. One day I made a tattoo of Sackboy from the Little Big Planet video game. That tattoo became a viral hit and I realized that I found my own style - funny, cute characters. I made a lot of tattoos in that style and that was fun.
In 2016 I focused on black and grey tattoos. I had a lot of trips working as a guest artist in famous tattoo studios throughout Europe.
From 2017 until 2019 I was a resident of NR Studio in London, one of the biggest studios in the UK. During that time I met a lot of talented artists, such as Matteo Pasqualin, Tomas Carli Jarlier, AD Pancho and others. They became my friends- working with them has influenced my creativity, as well as motivated me to work better.
In those times, I also attended many tattoo conventions and won awards.
Starting in 2019, I became a resident artist in the Vatican Studios, Lake Forest, CA. I’m very happy to be the part of the great team here led by Franco Vescovi.