Juan Sanchez

Autodidact and Visionary.


He starts to work in the South of Spain preparing cars "Custom", concretely Brushing and parallely Graffiti Art with 16 years old....Without any references He used to invent by himself (in the 90's  no Internet, no social media, no influences...) his own designs; Sweet Angels , Cars, Sad and Hustler Clowns , beautiful roses and Masks crying and smiling..


In a very short period, He started to work like tattoo artist in the 2006 , his beginnings wasn't easy... He moved to Madrid from the South and was working in a tattoo shop during 7 years but finally opened 3 years ago his own tattoo shop in the heart of Madrid "Juan Sánchez Tattoo".


Black and Grey Art , overall Chicano Art and Cultura , Religious , Fine Letterings... also his work has very influenced by the Classic Ancient Art (like Sculpture, Arquitecture) inspired in Michelangelo, Bernini, DaVinci , Caravaggio Art... He is an artist that use to work big sizes , also care so much for the details and harmony in all of the compositions.


You can see and follow his work in Instagram@juansancheztattoo  #BlackandGreyAllDay ...