Born in East Los Angeles and raised in San Gabriel Valley, Mando has art running through his veins. He is heavily influenced by the rich cultural diversity that makes Los Angeles and its surrounding counties so alluring and unique. Disney has always been one of his greatest inspirations. Plus, the sleek classic looks of the late ‘40s and early ‘50s seem to have a hold on him. Mando is a well-rounded tattoo artist; handling every style from portraits and caricatures, to script with clean flowing lines and subtle to dramatic shading, in either full color or in black and grey. While a few of his favorite subjects include Disney, Religion and Day of the Dead beauties, along with other classic West Coast Style pieces, Mando is an all-around artist with a broad vision and a wide range of appeal. In addition to tattooing, he is also a custom painter, pin striper, airbrush artist, and graphic artist who blends elements from all styles and genres to create masterful designs that are recognizable and something you soon won’t forget.