Nakota Garza

Nakota Garza is a 27 year old world traveling tattoo artist and oil painter based out of Vatican Studios in Southern California. 
Born in Detroit, MI. She started her tattooing career at age 18 in Nashville, Tennessee 2008. A couple years in to tattooing she found her way to Southern California to pursue bettering herself as both a tattoo artist and painter. 
While working in Orange, CA 2011 she met renown scarification artist and now husband, Ron Garza. After touring europe doing guest spots for a coulple years the couple decided to relocate to Berlin, Germany in 2014 where they could continue their travels and work.
While living in Europe the Garza's started making and designing body jewelry and subsequently together founded Natural Selection Jewelry in 2015. 
After a couple years of heavy touring Nakota moved back to sunny california to warm up in late 2015 where she now resides as a resident artist of Franco Vescovi's Vatican Studios.