Olga Grigorieva

Hello! My name is Olga, I'm a tattoo artist from Kiev, Ukraine. My path to tattoo art began with an interest in drawing, which prompted me to begin my education in art school as a child. In the process of teaching, my inspiration and aspiration for perfection only intensified, and therefore I decided to continue my studies at an art college. Further, my work activity was related to 2D graphics in the development of computer games. This activity brought only boredom and frustration, which prompted me to look for myself in a more inspiring activity for creative self-realization. This activity was for me a tattoo! Having received the necessary experience, I moved to a real tattoo studio, where I begin to get the long-awaited pleasure from work! My inspiration continues to live an endless desire to be a master of my craft and to be part of one of the most progressive forms of fine art.