Pony Wave

Pony Wave is a world-famous tattoo artist who discovered her realistic style of tattooing in the tattoo industry, specializing in fine detail.

Pony started her career in a small Russian town - now, she currently lives in Los Angeles. Through personal research, she discovered her own style that exploded on social media with a distinct, recognizable realistic style. Pony Wave took a part in a popular TV series - Ink Master.

Recently, Pony has started to focus on other forms of artistic expression - drawing, paintings and the creation of different artworks by mixing a unique Russian style named Zhostovo with modern art. By mixing these styles, Pony wants to show the fine edge between art and vandalism.

Pony is a Vegan activist.

In the middle of March 2020, Pony painted the mural "Stay Safe!" in Venice Beach featuring a masked couple leaning in for a kiss - it immediately went viral and became a voice of strength in the COVID-19 Pandemic.