Renata Jardim

My name is Renata Jardim and I was born in the city of Rio Grande - RS but I live and work in São Paulo, Brazil.
    Although I scribbled from the small corners of the sheets of my tatuo notebooks only three and a half years ago when a friend saw me sketching a few lines and challenged me to learn this art.
    Since then we have been devouring everything this universe has to offer us: we constantly study because we believe that we never know enough: the skin of each client that I tattoo is the next screen that I have to express my art and I can not do less than dedicate myself integrally To give my best. I want every person who believed in my work to be proud to carry it.
    I work with my husband, who takes care of everything for us. It is he who takes care of me, the studio and all the publicity of my work. In every moment that I refer to "we" I mean "I him", because without him none of this would be possible.
     Our sadness is the people who believe that whoever tattoo does it because they had no options in life. Little do these people know how much a tattooist who respects what he does has to give himself. To tattoo, I dropped out of my administration school in the sixth semester and gave up taking a position in a public service as many dream. Today I study the tattoo as I have never studied anything else in my entire life.
    I love tattooing faces. I started doing them in the black and gray style and I love to see, with each work, how each block of shadow added to the others turns into every feature of a person. A little more than a year I started to risk some colors and I saw how interesting they might be. In this last year I feel that I have become more intimate with them to the point of beginning to risk some colorful faces. I am finding my own style in tattoos that mix faces, geometric lines, colored spots and delicate lines: everything I love in this world. I feel like I've been a person since I made my first stroke. Tattooing is my haste, my time, my day, my study, my nervousness and my peace.