Sasha Masiuk

Sasha Masiuk is known for her intricate grey-scale style of tattooing that incorporates line work and dots to add volume to the image as it appears on the skin. Her personal approach for each client is apparent in her work - she creates an individual sketch for each client which makes it look authentic. She focuses on delicate floral patterns that lend to the form she specializes in.
Sasha graduated from The Academy of Arts and Design in her home town of Kharkiv, Ukraine.
She is a master of grey-scale tattooing and detailed pattern work.
Back in 2014, Sasha did her first tattoo, and realized it was the craft she wanted to devote herself to. Being motivated and extremely talented, Sasha has worked to create something special. After a year of tattooing, Sasha and her husband Pavel opened their own tattoo shop.
Sashatattooingteam is a group of professional tattoo artists - each artist in the group works daily to develop their own unique style and taste in art.
Currently, Sasha owns and operates three studios: one in Moscow, one in St. Petersburg and one in Barcelona, Spain. She is also working to grow and establish teams internationally.
Sashatattooing is also an ambassador for the brands Loreal and S7 Airlines.
Constantly evolving, Sasha has been a part of a variety of art collaborations with Reebok, The Black Alchemy, ANEX, Verdad, Bats, inkbox, s.u.t.r.a, Bishop Rotary, Tiger and Monoclock Music.
Sasha can be found around the world attending tattoo conventions and showcasing her artwork at other studios.