Lu Szu-Fan is a Taiwanese tattoo artist who is known for delicate, precise line work and exquisite freehand and realism color work.

Szu-Fan found herself drawing in high school, and pursued higher education of art in Taiwan and Germany, where inspired her the most. She started her tattoo career in 2013, and currently work in self-own studio Rule Tattoo. 

Specializes in Mandala, geometry, and watercolor, Szu-Fan loves exploring the possibility of the skin. With all her spirit and diligent, people can find the wild, creative composition and the soft, gentle touch in every work. She also inspired by Carl Jung, the psychologist, finding the inner peace by drawing Mandala and transform it into an intricate pattern on human skin.

Szu-Fan is not only just portrait the subject, but also bring it alive with spirit and soul, she uses different kinds of elements to create conflict and harmony at the same time (i.e. Japanese traditional pattern). She devotes her passion for tattoo and spirit without any words, but beautifully enchanting with a tattoo machine and ink.