What's the Difference Between the Power WAND & the Original WAND?

All the technical mechanics (strokes/motors/grip dimensions) are the same as the existing Wand.

The main difference is all in the interlocking magnetic backplate and how it is now flush and compatible with the Critical Connect firmware.

Innovative Magnetic Connection. 360 Degrees of Rotation

This magnetically held battery system reduces weight and improves balance.

Balanced Power Wand emitted Power

Because the battery is flush with the pen machine, it outputs an overall compact pen machine dimension & overall has a better design aesthetic. (Lighter & better ergonomics / less backweight on the pen machine.).

Power Wand vs Original Wand Battery Integration

You don’t have an awkward battery sticking out from the new Power Wand

It can also be used with the RCA adapter to work with the wired power supplies you may currently have.

Removing the Power Wand RCA Adapter

The original Wand will not work with the new batteries, unfortunately — they only work with the Power Wand.

Power Wand Full Set Demonstration