Why Choose Bishop

We believe a great tattoo artist lives inside of you...

How then, can you create your ultimate tattoo masterpiece?

First, don’t take shortcuts. They limit your potential.

Put in the time instead. Work as hard as you can. When you get the experience, you’ll have the skills.

But you’ll have something else, too.

Something more important...


When you believe in yourself, that’s when your inner genius comes out.

And that’s why Franco Vescovi created Bishop in 2008. A tattoo artist with 25 years in the industry, Franco is obsessed with creating advanced products that truly help tattoo artists perform at their highest potential.

As a company owned by a tattoo artist – someone who understands you – we at Bishop have one message for you…

We believe in you.

We are passionate about tattooing. It’s the most intimate form of art. In the face of a society just beginning to accept it, we’ve stood strong for over a decade believing in tattoo artists.

Jack Rudy tattoos Nikki Hurtado, while Franco Vescovi and Jose Lopez watch

Of course, we understand how difficult & long the journey can be to unleash the great artist inside you.

We understand it because we’ve been there. We're still there. Every day is an opportunity to elevate your tattoo game.

That’s why all of us at Bishop are here to help you.

We have the best customer service in the industry.

We believe in our products. In fact, we use them every day.

We’ve got a 1-year warranty on every product we make. And a dedicated repair department.

If something goes wrong, we’ve got your back.

And when things go just right, and you create the best tattoo of your life, we’d love to see it.

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We keep prices as low as possible, while using only the best materials.

We believe every artist should be able to afford greatness.

Franco has often been told to raise his prices higher like his competitors…

But he refuses.

Instead, he’d rather make less profits, and allow tattooers the chance to have the best products.

With Bishop, you’ll get the highest quality parts. We use Aircraft aluminum, German bearings, Swiss motors and Japanese medical-grade polymer plastics.

It’s all engineered and made in the USA.

You get all that premium without being price-gouged.

We mix Design & Innovation to create the most magical tools for tattoo artists.

We believe in what our founder, Franco Vescovi, said…

Art is magic. Creating art is the most Godlike a human can become. And when you create a masterpiece on someone’s skin…it’s divine.

You deserve the most magical tools possible. That’s what we create here at Bishop.

To create your ultimate tattoo masterpiece, you also need inspiration. And it all comes much easier with a Bishop Rotary machine in your hand.

Many artists from around the world agree that our machines have helped improve the way they tattoo.

So join our movement. Aspire for greatness.

We'd love to see your masterpiece. Tag us on your next piece #bishoprotary

We believe all passionate tattoo artists are part of the Bishop Family, because passion is our core.

Family takes care of family. We’re here for you.

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