11 Round - 1.25" Fantom Disposable Traditional Grips with Foam - Box of 25

Bishop Tattoo Supply decided to make things easier for you and create a tube that has the foam grip pre-attached for maximum comfort. In addition, we also designed the most precise tips on the market and spent a great deal of time and research in order to introduce these new Fantom Disposable Tubes.

The most comfortable grip on the planet, these premium tubes have an aerodynamic shape that allows more ink flow with enhanced precision.

Made from medical grade plastic, they are sterilized in EO gas and individually blister packed for your clients safety and protection.

25 to a Box

Multiple Sizes Available: 3 Round, 5 Round, 7 Round, 9 Round, 11 Round, 14 Round, 5 Mag, 7 Mag, 9 Mag, 11 Mag, 13 Mag and 15 Mag