The Bishop SMP Pen
The Bishop SMP Pen
The Bishop SMP Pen
The Bishop SMP Pen
The Bishop SMP Pen
The Bishop SMP Pen

The Bishop SMP Pen

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Smallest, Lightest SMP Pen

Pinpoint Precision Engineering

Compatible with most cartridge needle brands

Fixed 3.5 stroke

Namiki motor with custom winding made specifically for softer skin associated with SMP & PMU

Precision vertical movement

1 year warranty

SMP specific design

Recommended voltage between 6-7V

Needle depth adjustment: 0-5mm

3.5 oz

26mm x 95mm (3.7")

Each dot is its own piece of art. Bottom line is, I needed to like and trust. And Bishop SMP machines, they do that.

I'm David Hoffer. I've been doing SMP for eight years. I'm based in Southern California.

The SMP Pen - it's a perfect combination of power and precision. Which makes it a beautiful machine. It's just precise every time. That's what I love so much about it.

I use it every day. A couple clients a day. And I never have hand fatigue. I never have any problem with anything and it runs just as smooth every time I power it up.

SMP actually stands for scalp micropigmentation. So it replicates shaved hair. So it's tiny little dots that look like shaved hair follicles. You have to be mindful of each and every dot. Each one has to look like a hair.

So it is very very important to have a good quality machine. The Bishop SMP machine is that. I can count on it every time. Bishop SMP is going to make a big statement and I'm excited to see where the Bishop SMP and the industry goes.