Black and Gray Fantom Foam Grip Covers
Black and Gray Fantom Foam Grip Covers

Black and Gray Fantom Foam Grip Covers

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Introducing our very own Fantom foam grip covers that are fully disposable. We understand the importance of comfort when tattooing long hours and many of you who use the foam grips while tattooing can now purchase the most affordable foam grips on the market.

Another benefit of using the foam grips, is that it allows a larger diameter to be added to your tubes which lends a helping hand to wrist health and as a result. This cuts down on the chances of developing carpal tunnel syndrome or other debilitating hand and wrist issues that many tattooers have suffered with. Also, the foam grips absorb the vibration of a tattoo machine which is also very helpful for hand and wrist health.

- 25 foam grips in each box
- Adds a bigger diameter to your existing tube for more and comfort
- Absorbs vibration of your tattoo machine
- Black and grey
- Ribbed
- Completely disposable
- Lowest cost on the market
- Compatible with any 1" stainless steel or plastic disposable tube
- Individually wrapped and sterilized in EO gas