El Chapo Wand - Engrave-It Edition
El Chapo Wand - Engrave-It Edition
El Chapo Wand - Engrave-It Edition
El Chapo Wand - Engrave-It Edition

El Chapo Wand - Engrave-It Edition

Regular price $ 1,600.00

• Custom-engraved by Hernan from Engrave-It

• Made with 14 carat triple-plated gold

• Extremely limited machine release

Always one to push the boundaries, Hernan from Engrave-It has done it again!

Handmade in extremely limited quantities, the El Chapo Custom Bishop Rotary machines showcase the finest talents of Hernan. It was only fitting that we combine his passion for this beautiful art form with the finest machines there are, and set the world ablaze with these magnificent works of art.

Available in 2 styles, these machines are for the artists and collectors who seek to set themselves apart from the pack. The EL CHAPO STANDARD WAND has custom engravings on the middle ring, or 'spline' of the machine. The EL CHAPO DELUXE WAND has the engraved spline, as well as engraving on backplate of the machine. Hours of engraving go into every single one of these golden beauties.

These are custom engraved machines. Please allow several business days for your order to process.

WAND Features

• Custom Faulhaber Motors

• WEIGHT: 4 oz

• HEIGHT: 95 mm (3.74")

• DIAMETER: 30 mm (1.18")

• Grip Included: 31.75mm (1.25")

• Made in the U.S.A

• Aircraft Aluminum

• Adjustable Needle depth up to 6 mm

• Precision movement

• RCA Cord Included


What makes the WAND special?


2 custom FAULHABER motors, to be exact.

Franco Vescovi - a tattoo artist & machine builder for over 25 years - had a goal: create the perfect rotary pen for each artist. 👌

For over 4 years, he experimented with countless prototypes & motors.

Based on feedback from artists all over the world, and his knowledge & experience, Franco created 3 versions of the WAND: SHADER, PACKER, LINER. 🤩

Each version takes 1 of 2 custom FAULHABER motors - the right magical blend of torque, RPM, and nominal voltage - and precisely pairs it with the right stroke: 3.5, 4.2, or a crazy 5.0.

Either the SHADER or PACKER WAND will be your perfect all-in-one machine, depending on your style. You need just 1 of these. 👍

The SHADER WAND is perfect for fine lines, smooth black & gray, realistic shading, and more. It’s your all-in-one machine if you’re solely a black & gray realistic artist. It has a softer motor precisely paired with a 3.5 stroke.

The PACKER WAND is perfect for fine or bold lines, realistic color, traditional style, 3RL work, and more. It’s your all-in-one machine if you’re an artist that does such work. It has a powerful brushless motor precisely paired with a 4.2 stroke. 🤯

If you’re the artist that can do black & gray AND color with 1 rotary machine, the PACKER WAND is perfect for you. It has enough power to do every style (including excellent line work), and is also capable of doing the smoothest black & gray.

Since the PACKER has more power than the SHADER and a 4.2 stroke, we suggest using it for soft, smooth black & gray only if you’re a 1 machine artist.

Many of you also expressed a desire for a specialized liner. We’ve got news…the LINER WAND is the first pen machine with a 5.0 stroke! Plus, it’s paired with our powerful brushless motor - a saturating beast! Be careful with the LINER. It hits so hard, we almost named it “Bruce Lee”! 😱😂

We are looking forward to seeing the magic you create with your Wand!