Alexis Vaatete x Bishop Fantom Rotary Tattoo Machine (Fantom Artist Series - Matte Purple)


The Fantom weighs just 1.7 ounces. Light as a paintbrush.

It is perfectly balanced upright, which gives you the feel of weightlessness.

The balance and weight of the Fantom allows you to tattoo for hours and hours with no wrist pain or cramping.

Bishop Family member Alexis Vaateteart was among the first group of artists to run the Fantom in its testing phase.

His genuine love & appreciation for this awesome machine, and our desire to celebrate his awesome work & passion, is what led to the LIMITED EDITION Alexis Vaateteart X Bishop Fantom Rotary machine.

The Matte Purple color was hand-picked by Alexis.


Alexis Vaatete's Bio

Alexis Vaatete was in love with art as far back as his memory can take him. Born with an imagination that is limitless, and an artistic talent to match, art was and is the way he has come to be.

In 2002, he was honored to receive an apprenticeship by Franco Vescovi. Always seeking to further his abilities, Alexis has a high appreciation and taste for doing freehand, realism, and surrealism/fantasy. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he delves into as many styles as possible, to become well-rounded in each, and to relentlessly strive for perfection.

As the years gone on, his fascination and passion for owls has evolved into one of his infamous freehand series, the OwlKing Series.