Macko x Bishop Fantom Rotary Tattoo Machine (Fantom Artist Series - Rose Gold)


The Fantom weighs just 1.7 ounces. Light as a paintbrush.

It is perfectly balanced upright, which gives you the feel of weightlessness.

The balance and weight of the Fantom allows you to tattoo for hours and hours with no wrist pain or cramping.

Bishop Family member Macko was among the first group of artists to run the Fantom in its testing phase.

His genuine love & appreciation for this awesome machine, and our desire to celebrate his awesome work & passion, is what led to the LIMITED EDITION Macko X Bishop Fantom Rotary machine.

The Rose Gold color was hand-picked by Macko.


Macko's Bio

Antonio Macko Todisco was born in Monopoli, in 1980. He lived and breathed art since he was a child, watching his grandfather painting, listening to classical music and drawing with him. During a trip in Asia, he bought his first tattoo machine out of curiosity, but it has been a choice which changed his life.

After a few months, Macko decided to give up what he was doing to pursue the world of tattoo. During his first visit to Los Angeles, in 1994, he bonded with the artistic scenario of the city: graffiti, cholo writing, gang symbology and the lowrider’s art. Despite not having a real apprenticeship, he has always looked to the Greats of the Chicano Art and the black & grey Californian scene, trying to snatch the codes and magic. All these elements are then reinterpreted with his sensibility, based on a solid academic culture.

Macko realized two flashbook about Chicano Art, and his works appear regularly in international publications. He takes part in several conventions all around the world, winning awards and honors for his personal black and grey. But the greatest award and honor for him is to create new work that people love.