Steve Soto x Bishop Fantom Rotary Tattoo Machine (Fantom Artist Series - Matte Gray)


The Fantom weighs just 1.7 ounces. Light as a paintbrush.

It is perfectly balanced upright, which gives you the feel of weightlessness.

The balance and weight of the Fantom allows you to tattoo for hours and hours with no wrist pain or cramping.

Bishop Family member Steve Soto was among the first group of artists to run the Fantom in its testing phase.

His genuine love & appreciation for this awesome machine, and our desire to celebrate his awesome work & passion, is what led to the LIMITED EDITION Steve Soto X Bishop Fantom Rotary machine.

The Matte Gray color was hand-picked by Steve.


Steve Soto's Bio

Steve Soto is the oldest son of Mexican immigrant parents who settled in Southern California and began the brutal struggle of laboring. His parents worked hard not only to provide the necessities of life and give Steve a chance at prospering, but also to instill in him strong values & work ethic. Steve started drawing at a young age - as soon as he could hold a pencil in his hand. His love for art and drawing was as evident as his talent.

Although he excelled in academics & sports, art was Steve’s forte. Especially graphite pencil drawings & portraitures. And although staying on the right path was a challenge, he won several art contests. This motivated him to become a professional artist.

In community college, Steve took as many art classes as were available. That’s when he became interested in tattooing. He found his canvas.

After many failed attempts to secure an apprenticeship, he apprenticed under tattoo artist Billy Dyson. After many ups and downs, Steve opened his own studio, Goodfellas Tattoo Art and Design Studio, in Orange County, California. The success of Steve’s studio is due in part to his philosophy, “Hard work pays off, but also not forcing anything and putting positive energy into the world will allow the pieces to fall into place.”

Since 2001, Steve has traveled nationwide attending tattoo shows and competitions. His tattoo art has won hundreds of national awards at some of the most prestigious American Tattoo shows. Steve’s distinct art talent has been recognized internationally. He attended some of Europe’s most prestigious tattoo festivals and has been featured in many local and international art & tattoo magazines.

By any standards, Steve Soto is respected in the industry and has achieved success, but he’s ready for the next level. He has yet to hit his prime.