TATTOO MAN — The Story of Good Time Charlie's


Own a rare piece of tattoo history!

More than just a book. “TATTOO MAN” is a beautiful collectible artwork that’s a must-have for tattoo artists and tattoo history fans.

  • A Limited Edition book — just 600 regular copies and 150 signed copies made!
  • The Godfathers of Fine Line B&G (and other great artists) tell the amazing history of “Good Time Charlie’s”.
  • Includes never-before-seen photos and untold stories!

What’s the difference between the REGULAR and SIGNED SPECIAL EDITION versions?

There are 600 copies of the Regular Edition, and 150 copies of the Signed Special Edition.

The Signed Special Edition comes with 2 original giclée prints signed by Goodtime Charlie and Jack Rudy.

Goodtime Charlie Cartwright and Jack Rudy opened up the first “Goodtime Charlie’s”, a tattoo shop in East Los Angeles, in 1975. They were the first professional shop that focused on the use of the single needle — primarily utilizing black ink — and focused on custom one-of-a-kind designs.

This 350+ page, Limited Edition (just 750 copies made), full-color art book includes never-before-seen photos and stories from these 2 Godfathers of Fine Line B&G, starting with the beginning of their careers. Intimate stories are told by their own handwritten accounts, in their own voice, without editing.

Their stories are unlike any others.

Also included in the book are notes from some of today’s most sought-after artists which Jack and Charlie have had the pleasure of working with and mentoring, such as:

@chueyquintanar, @cbrandworks, @coreymillertattoo, @brandicollins, @coronatattoo, @shanghaikate, @smg_antonio_gtc, @luckythetattooer, Dick Warsocki, and many more.

Only 750 copies of this historical book exist:

  • 600 regular copies at $199.00
  • 150 signed copies at $349.00 (includes 2 original giclée prints signed by Goodtime Charlie and Jack Rudy)